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At the first glance

B2B & B2C provides direct access to TAC certified support and services. Fair prices through direct transactions.

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TAC Success Stories

First TAC registration in 1997. Since then it evolved into multiple directions and led to the creation of various companies.

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How this rocks

With this Platform you don't need any longer complicated contracts with traps and if's and maybe's.

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What's more?

TAC-Germany is ready for numerous of demands in the market! And the list is yet to complete.

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Not everybody could be a TAC Specialist

  • You have special preconditions? Not everybody is a Cisco or Microsoft specialist, but a lot of technician do have the knowledge about something somebody needs!
  • TAC specialists could work as an employee in a known company somewhere else, working as a freelancer or they could be unemployed, it doesn’t matter!
  • Organization who like to follow the TAC way of doing support are appritiated.
  • If you don't want to sell your knowledge but you have cool technical stuff to sell, you're welcome as well.
  • You can start just for about 24,00 € annually to start your direct business with your TAC customers.

TAC specialists are specialists in certain areas

  • Most not enough for passing expensive courses or certification of diverse company programs, but good enough to tell and explain their technical knowledge to somebody else.
  • A lot of technicians collected so many information’s and have practical experience in interesting jobs and functions, where certification programs are not available or just overdimensioned.
  • Writing this information and knowledge to paper and sell it for whatever it will be, makes specialists and customer happy.
  • Over the time you will be more qualified while using the TAC platform, and the customer votes will make you even more qualified and it improves your TAC status.

You doing your own business with the customer

  • Face the customer directly by using this platform. It’s your direct business
  • Offer your Know How and store your knowledge in a PDF documentation. Duplicate your effort and business, maybe multilingual
  • Technical Support, remote or onsite
  • Sell you stock (basement, garage) used or new, it doesn’t matter. It could be something for somebody

TAC will offer the following to the speciualist:

  • Access to TAC customers using the TAC platform
  • A Ticket-System, take incoming tickets and offer the customer a solution
  • Multi-Vendor shop system (like Marketplace). Sell your workouts or technical items. Doesn’t matter if it’s a used or new goddie
  • Paymanet functionalities offer direct implementation of your Paypal account. More payment solution are possible
  • A TAC E-Mail account This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. It’s valid as long as your subscription.
  • “social interface”, care contacts with customers and other specialists in the TAC Communities
  • Forum, write free articles to awake the interest in you, or take part in discussions

What can I offer on TAC Plattform

  • Solution for home networking like Router, WLAN, Telephone, Music, TV etc.
  • IT, Operating-systems, Firewall, E-Mail, Internet etc.
  • home technology, (time)circuits, heating, automation, alarm and monitoring, washers, dryers, etc.
  • Photo and video cameras, video and editing technology. Parts manuals, courses, assistance etc.
  • All about cars and motorcycle
  • General elaborations and developments. Designs and architectures for various areas
  • Nothing is impossible!

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Team members

mhagen 280

Matthias Hagen

CEO Director
tbalk 280

Thomas Balk

CEO Director

Kirsten Hagen

HR Director
jstrauch 280

Jan Strauch

Technical Support

I have often been asked if we can not offer an online service that offers these combined services. TAC Germany is the perfecte solution for small and large service requests. Community is the magic word, 24/7 service around the clock around the world. Specialists and solution providers offer their services directly under a joint appearance.

Matthias Hagen, General Manager Skills4Rent GmbH, CCIE#1720

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Daily issues making headache, will be terminated!

TAC B2B & B2C (copy)

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Get in contact, find your personal Solution Provider!

World wide community

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You're never alone! Specialist all over the world are building "ONE" support community.

Progress for Success

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Measurable results after a few month online demonstrate customer requirements for TAC certified services