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At the first glance

B2B & B2C provides direct access to TAC certified support and services. Fair prices through direct transactions.

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TAC Success Stories

First TAC registration in 1997. Since then it evolved into multiple directions and led to the creation of various companies.

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How this rocks

With this Platform you don't need any longer complicated contracts with traps and if's and maybe's.

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What's more?

TAC-Germany is ready for numerous of demands in the market! And the list is yet to complete.

Over the year we have been rolling out the responsive layouts for our Joomla templates for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.0. There is no doubt that the responsive is the way to go but it should be easier to implement. Our T3 framework helps a lot in achieving that.

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  • 1. JA Fixel - Responsive Joomla template for portfolio, personal blog
  • 2. JA Hawkstore - Responsive Joomla template for extreme sport shop
  • 3. JA Smashboard - Responsive Joomla template for entertainment
  • 4. JA Muzic - Reponsive Template for music, media
  • 5. JA Magz - Responsive Template for news, magazine
  • 6. JA Obelisk - Responsive Joomla template for entertainment and media
  • 7. JA Beranis - Responsive Joomla template for business, portfolio
  • 8. JA Mitius - Responsive Joomla template for gaming site
  • 9. JA Appolio - Responsive Joomla template for portfolio and showcasing
  • 10. JA Bookshop - Responsive Joomla template for bookstore

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Team members

mhagen 280

Matthias Hagen

CEO Director
tbalk 280

Thomas Balk

CEO Director

Kirsten Hagen

HR Director
jstrauch 280

Jan Strauch

Technical Support

I have often been asked if we can not offer an online service that offers these combined services. TAC Germany is the perfecte solution for small and large service requests. Community is the magic word, 24/7 service around the clock around the world. Specialists and solution providers offer their services directly under a joint appearance.

Matthias Hagen, General Manager Skills4Rent GmbH, CCIE#1720

Business Joomla template

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Daily issues making headache, will be terminated!

TAC B2B & B2C (copy)

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Get in contact, find your personal Solution Provider!

World wide community

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You're never alone! Specialist all over the world are building "ONE" support community.

Progress for Success

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Measurable results after a few month online demonstrate customer requirements for TAC certified services